box 11 These beautiful boxes makes Helen from London. She calls them magic boxes, because they are not with the traditional approach, but with a surprise. Helen uses fluorescent dyes, glitters, contours with glitters to give the brightness and elegance of its products. In the boxes on acetate strips waiting for master butterflies or flowers. When the cap is removed, as if a window opens and a universal air spring.

Make a box with his hands. Cut out a square the side of 190 mm and a square for the lid 82 mm 82 mm (size for example).

box Recede from each edge 74 mm and have parallel lines. Cut out the Central part of the box, which resembles a cross.

box 1

Fold the sides to make a square middle of the box.
box 2

Box cover. Retreating from the edge of 20 mm is be fitting lid. Cut and…….. box 3

sealable lid.

box 4

We should get this box.

box 5 Inside and glued over the box with colored paper than in the middle.
box 6

Preparing a transparent strip that will strengthen butterflies. Bands should bounce, easy to fit in the box and just as easy to fall apart after removing the cover. These stripes are best cut from acetate sheet of transparent plastic. The length of the strips 19 mm, width 5 mm
box 7

Make incisions in colored paper that was glued on thick cardboard and you plan to stick to the bottom of the box. Push through the back transparent strip and fixed on the reverse side. Glued to the transparent strips of the butterflies.

Then glue everything to the bottom of the box inside.

Stencils of butterflies.

box 10


miracle box (2) miracle box 4 miracle box 5 miracle box miracle box3

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