Vintage decor package from kinder.

Vintage decor package from kinder.

The perfect solution!

Vintage decor package  (1) Materials:
packaging from Kinder Joy
— acrylic paint
— hard brush
— foam sponge
— decor

1. Packaging from children’s chocolate is ideal for gift boxes or just the original decor.

Vintage decor package  (2) 2. Half will be painted several times. The first layer of paint does not hide the original figure. The second layer of paint will help to achieve an even color. The third layer of paint, apply with a foam sponge, «prihlopyvat» paint, not smearing her to give the surface a beautiful texture. If you have multiple packages, you can paint on all at once, in order not to waste time on painting. Don’t forget to give well to dry each layer of paint. Acrylic paint dries relatively quickly. In addition, the process can be accelerated, podsused surface Hairdryer for embossing. Hairdryer need to keep a distance of at least 25 cm from the surface, so as not to damage the plastic packaging from kinder.

Vintage decor package  (3)

3. Inside each half also need to paint over, because despite three layers of paint from the outside, the red-and-white picture of a kinder still illuminated.

Vintage decor package  (4) 4. The next step is decorating the surface. Pulling small pieces of pages from books or Newspapers and glue on each half. Allow to dry up. Further stiff brush apply dabs of acrylic paint on top of the glued pieces.

Vintage decor package  (5) 5. Circle around each half, glue the ribbon to fasten the two parts together.

Vintage decor package  (6) 6. Now our testicles to close and tie a cute bow.

Vintage decor package  (7) 7. Of course, finally, the most favorite part of all the designers ‘ imagination and the creative process of decorating the workpiece.

Vintage decor package  (1)

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