Valentine’s day gift ideas — Master Class

Valentine’s day gift ideas — Master Class

Valentine's day gift ideas 2

—  We need a billet of wood in the shape of a heart. It is better if the blank-heart has a hole for the strap, otherwise you’ll have to do it yourself.

Valentine's day gift ideas

—  Three-layer a napkin for decoupage. Choosing suitable in the Valentine’s Day ornament. Well in this case, the romantic image of the past. Since the workpiece is small, then swipe to choose middle-sized pictures.

Valentine's day gift ideas 1

— Lace. It is desirable that simple, cottonseed. And once again rescued miniature gift size — you can not actually buy lace and lace band, its width is enough to decorate a small surface. It is better to buy a lace beige color, combined with a romantic picture decor will look «old.» If beige tape could not be found, take the white — easy to get the desired shade, having painted her coffee.

—  Tiny beads polubusinki, flowers.
—  The ribbon for hanging.
—  PVA glue.
—  Acrylic paint (white, beige).
—  Acrylic lacquer.

Make a gift heart — simple decoupage, MK

When buying, select the workpiece, which has a smooth surface. If she irregularities — it is extra work for grinding. Of course, a heart the size of a small, but if you need to process several pieces, it will take some time. Moreover, no fun in this monotonous work there.

Stained heart in white acrylic paint. This is a must, as the drawing decoupage on the basis of white will be the most accurate. After sticking can be toned figure in the right places to make the background of a different color, etc.

We share the napkin on the layers (it is convenient to do so, helping himself to a needle).

Take the upper color layer breaks away from his drawing, which plan to use. Use scissors to cut the pattern experienced craftsmen decoupage is not recommended — the edges are too sharp.

Impose a piece of cloth with a pattern on a workpiece heart, fasten the top with white glue diluted with water halfway. Brush gently to avoid tearing the thin layer of the tissue.

Blotted heart surface by removing excess moisture.
Gently brush your finger or being kicked out of paper bubbles if they were formed. We smooths good faith, but try not to break the pattern. On small surfaces with bubbles easily handle it on large surfaces, they did not want to leave.

Lay off the preform to dry.

We correct pattern by adding color. Well-toned blank piece of foam rubber. Paints recruit quite a bit, check on any fabric or paper, so as not to put too much on the drawing. You can draw the line with a fine brush — extra or damaged during gluing pattern.

Again, we are waiting for harvesting dry.

Glued around the lace pattern.

Attached to the surface a few beads, flowers. We try not to overdo it — an additional decor should not detract from the main — picture.

Vdevaem hole in the ribbon for hanging.

Gift of the heart was very touching.

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