Unusual flower with pumpkin

Unusual flower with pumpkin Unusual flower with pumpkin 2

You will need:

1. Paper (color, for scrapbooking or old magazines)
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Little Pumpkin
5. Decoration — paper butterflies, ribbon, candy, dried leaves

Unusual flower with pumpkin  1

1. First, cut off a strip of paper, of 8 to 30 centimeters. You can use plain paper, old magazines, paper for scrapbooking.

2. Fold the strip in the middle.

3. From the fold lines make cuts. The width of 5-7 millimeters and a length of 2-3 cm.

4. Glue the uncut ends.

5. Attach one end of the strip to a thin stick.

6. Screw the strip on a stick.

7. Glue stick to the free end of the strip.

8. «Open» flower: the petals bent lower down from the edges toward the center.

9. As a vase for a bouquet, I used an ordinary pumpkin from my grandmother’s garden — a wonderful autumn option. I just cut off the top and put flowers there.

10. Now you can decorate your composition butterflies, bow, a pumpkin paste sequins. You can add the resulting bouquet of paper flowers and some candy — you will get a wonderful gift to the new home.

Unusual flower with pumpkin

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