Thuja grow from twigs easily

Thuja grow from twigs easily 

I really love the evergreen plants because of their year-round decorativeness. Method of reproduction of evergreen by cuttings. This allows you to grow a very beautiful evergreen plant, without spending a penny. After all, it is very easy to get a stalk, you just need to find the tree you like and break off a small twig from it. As my experience shows, not all evergreen plants take root from the cuttings. And most easily I managed to root the usual green thuja. Today I want to talk about the cuttings green.

Cutting green tuja.

1. Selection of the cut. In my opinion, the more sticks, the better it gets accustomed. Therefore, I take a twig from an adult thai height of 25-30 centimeters. And I cut it with sharp scissors or a pruner near the trunk. Also, it is necessary to cut off the lower leaves.

2. Preparation of the well. For thuja cuttings, I usually choose a shaded, wet place in an inconspicuous corner of the plot. I dig a hole 20-25 centimeters deep. And I loosen the soil well at the bottom.

3. In the holes for evergreens I always add organic fertilizers. Moreover, it seems to me that it is better to choose soluble in water to avoid roasting the roots. Further well I spill the well with water with fertilizer and leave it for a short time to soak the soil.

4. After that just stab in the ground to the leaves. It should immediately align it vertically and if it does not stand firm, then sprinkle it with a little soil and compact the soil around it.

5. Organization of a greenhouse. Since cuttings of evergreens should be found in the greenhouse for a long time, it is worth using strong, transparent materials for this. The best suited are trimmed plastic bottles of light color, or better completely transparent. And it’s worth cutting, considering not only the height of the cuttings, but also a few centimeters that will be in the ground.

6. Then I cover the stalk with a greenhouse, filling all the leaves, and push it a little into the ground. It is necessary to completely exclude the entry of cold air into the greenhouse, so the edges of the greenhouse also sprinkle a bit on the ground.

7. I spill the whole construction with water and leave it alone.

Further care for the tuya seedlings is only in the periodic watering and airing of the greenhouse, but not earlier than 2 weeks after planting. When there are signs of rooting, you can open the greenhouse and continue to keep the cut without shelter. The next year, you can already transplant the plant, but it is better to give it to cover at least one year or two in one place.


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