The tree from the cones. Master Class

The tree from the cones. Master Class

From the materials used:

  • plaster to fill the pot,
  • white acrylic paint for cones,
  • cones,
  • hot gun
  • acrylic lacquer,
  • old pot
  • dry root.

1. Root. Choose the most worthy and cut off the excess length.
Cones (pine) to prepare for the decoration. Paint them white acrylic paint and wait a bit. Dry quickly. While you are painting the last lump — first dry up already. Cones should be 30 pieces.
2. Old pot.
Divorced alabaster water 1×1 proportions, flooded into the pot, put in the trunk and waited about 5-10 minutes. Everything is frozen and can work.
3. Hot glue stitch the first 2-3 cones and begin the process. Pine cones are well kept each other out as a puzzle. Alternately, adding glue, closes the entire top. If you do not have enough volume to support or cones at the root, you can additionally glued a few sprigs.
4. After the «build» rather go paint the trunk, emphasizing its texture. The tree from the cones 1 The tree from the cones

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