Shooting star. Make a wish.
But that’s just a stone, burning up in the atmosphere

What we will do
For the manufacture of such stars you can use special paper:


How we will do……
1) Take a strip of paper and make a loop.
2) Then wrap a very short tail, making a knot.
3) The Knot very carefully drawn and pressed against. Should be an equilateral


4) The Tail wrap on the back side. I specifically made the tail a little longer for the photo to be seen, where we turned. But it is better to try to make it shorter, that he looked outside the

5) Next, turn over the product.
6) If the tip is longer than the resulting

 pathogenic  and looks beyond it, the tail slightly povorachivaet.

7) Hide the tail inside the


8-17) And now we begin the long strip to wrap the 

pathogenic with all sides, taking care not much to pin down. Just you should get at least 10 wraps, i.e., each face need to wrap twice. This should be considered if you are going to change the thickness and the length of the strips. With a width of 1.1 cm and a length of 29 cm star turns 1.5 cm
star3 star2 star4 18) the Tip was hidden under the rim. If he looks slightly povorachivaet, and then hide.
19) Now, the big moment! At this stage I got married. Keep

pathogenic with two fingers of one hand, and the nail of the other hand presses down on one side of the
pathogenic, trying to get into the middle of the face. Do the same with the other faces.

20) All! Our asterisk happiness ready!

I want to warn you: the first time the star may fail. My first ten stars had four defective. But then, when proficient, everything went like clockwork. And so for me this class was fascinated! Cut in advance stripes and twisted stars anywhere: watch TV and twist, sit at the computer, wait until the page loads and twist, and even on the Playground daughter plays in the sandbox, and I’m sitting on a bench and the steeper stars.
Until I clocked 250 of these, but I think that it will not stop.

star 8 star 7 Star1 star 9


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