THE FLOWERS TO COLOR (1) Nature itself has created a lot of bright colors and colorful plants. But some fans of brightness and this little….

Recently, friends showed me how to change the color of the living flower and even make it colorful (and they were genuinely surprised that I’m still not aware of this «trick»).

Here is something like this: THE FLOWERS TO COLOR (1) Most likely, someone from the truckers say, «it’s just a mockery of flowers!». And others will want to try. For them, I will write how to do it.

For me personally, this experience was interesting from the point of view of banal curiosity. Even more interesting, he was my child involved in this amazing process. THE FLOWERS TO COLOR (2) For repaints not fit all the flowers, but only the white. Most often painted roses. They should be cut at the moment when they are just beginning to open up, so as to complete the painting will need more than one day, already opened flower can’t wait for and withered. THE FLOWERS TO COLOR (3) So, for painting you will need: bowl of water, food coloring or dyes (if you want to get multi-coloured rose), and actually flower. Food dyes found in our time is not difficult in large stores, especially a lot of them becomes on sale for Easter when everyone starts to paint eggs. THE FLOWERS TO COLOR (4) Dissolve the dye in water. The number is not precise, because: the more the concentration of the dye, the more intense will be the color of a rose or other flower. It is also good to add in a little sugar water, it will speed up the coloring process (1-2 tablespoons is enough). THE FLOWERS TO COLOR (5) Fresh cut flower (cut have to be fresh for that matter) are placed in a vase with colored water and wait a few days first results.

To get multi-coloured flower stalk must be split into as many parts as many colors you want to bring in the color of the plant (usually not more than four), each part of the stem is placed in the right vase with colored water (you will need a corresponding number of vases and a few dyes). THE FLOWERS TO COLOR (6)


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