Offer ideas for garden and vegetable garden with their hands, which will help you to decorate your yard, make it original, special and unlike any other.
So, ideas for garden with his hands — photo

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (1) Any garden or vegetable garden definitely is enclosed by a fence, but just flat, wooden, solid fence that is boring and as usual, try to transform it and turn it into a funny funny company of men or fairy-tale characters. In continuation of the theme you can also, so to decorate the bench, gazebo and other items you have in the yard.

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (1) Many modern ideas for home and garden with your hands offer different types of non-standard use of old shoes. For example, it is often used as flower pots and small street of pots. Here we want to offer you to decorate the garden track original colored galoshes and rubber boots that snug fragrant flowers.

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (2) Well, if the function of flower pots perform various non-standard things, the plastic pots for house plants can be used in the creation of such an unusual couple in love. Similar ideas for cottage, garden and orchard testify to the enormous unrestrained imagination of their owners.

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (3) Romantic courting couples can be made from logs of different diameters. This unusual decor of natural material will look very natural and harmonious living among trees and flowers.

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (4) There is a place in the garden and an old leaky boat, it can be painted bright paint, fill the earth and planting of various ornamental flowering plants. This bed looks very impressive and original. Additionally, in the center of the flower beds, you can hoist the mast with crimson sails and the spirit of romance bodø head on your plot.
If you garden, you need to store water, then you probably need the barrel. However, who said that they can decorate an area? In order to make fun of people, you will need the following materials:
— paint for metal and wood for outdoor use (for example, alkyd enamel). Paint colors can be different, everything will depend on your color preferences.
— solvent (you can use varnish).
— brushes (round, broad, flat and small).
— very soft pencil or chalk.

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (9) The first stage of the garden decoration will be the preparation of barrels for their intended purpose — storage of water, and this water can be used not only for irrigation of gardens, but also for drinking. For this purpose it is necessary to remove dirt and tarnish not only on the outside of the barrel, but on the inside. The layer of paint that you will inflict on hand, will protect from corrosion. In order to properly paint the barrel inside and never have enough pairs of paints, simply fasten on a long stick brush (for fixing use Scotch tape).

Note that the bright colors of paint will be pretty bad to lie on a dark base, that’s why painting them will have two layers. You can paint the barrels as you want, but all the same, perhaps, the best option would be to use funny faces. Figure these muzzles will be quite simple, but you must make sure that the eyes, nose, and cheeks not fall on the edges of the barrel, and the seam and its existing dents remained on the side or back. It should also draw on the barrel is very small ornament — it will simply be lost on a large surface. Use another trick — apply all facial features immediately using chalk, then step back and evaluate their work. If everything is in proportion and not crooked, then you can begin to paint.

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (7) You can put on your garden plot and funny little men made out of junk material and practical values they will not, but your child will be just delighted from the process of their creation, and from the daily contemplation of the figures.

Body of men can make from old shades or shades, the heads of the old balls or puppet of cuties. From the remnants of the foam can be cut funny feet from them (long foam tape) you can weave braids. If you want to make people hands, you can simply fill wool ordinary rubber gloves. Youve got a great children’s crafts from waste material!

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (11) If we are talking about the worthless material, it cannot be overlooked ordinary plastic bottles, and, more precisely, all those wonders that you can make from them — from plastic bottles crafts to give out just amazing. Very easy and simple from plastic bottles, you can make a charming lilies, which you can decorate beach or suburban water surface of the pond.

Take 3 plastic bottles, two 2 l and one 1.5 l of Them should be cut off so that you have 3 presets for lilies of the necks. Cut the petals, not forgetting to leave in between the intervals. Cut the bottle neck, and then try — come on the neck of the lower part of the petals. The petals of the lilies slightly bend. Similar manipulations repeat with the second workpiece and the smallest workpiece made from a bottle of 1.5 l, you can skip the stage of fitting the petals on the neck.

On the neck string first item with long petals, then middle and end of the song is the part with deathnote petals. The neck screw cap from bottle and get to the unfolding petals of a flower.

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (12) For the manufacture of core water lilies need to be cut from the middle part of the bottle and cut it into small strips, about 8 see the Rest of the cut, to get the length of the perpendicular strip.

The workpiece serdtsevinki color yellow, curl it and insert in the neck. So she better hold, you can put her on super glue or silicone.

The petals of the lilies paint in white or pale pink color with spray paint, leave the flower to dry completely, preferably in the fresh air.

You can also make wonderful crafts to do ladybugs in the mosaic technique, such figures can be placed in shady areas of the garden.

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (10) First you will need to make the base of the hemisphere for making cute little guy. Take an old soccer ball, cut it in half, remove the nipple, the bottom lay a plastic bag and pour concrete. For preparation of concrete mix 3 parts sand and part of the dry cement, the mixture is diluted with water until mushy state. For reinforcing put into the form of pieces of metal mesh, and the form with concrete put into the vessel then at the bottom of the disc will not «plateau».

When the concrete dries out, it will be necessary to pull the disc and proceed to further processing to make a thick mixture of cement, sand and tile adhesive, and then they manually coat hemisphere, giving it a sleek and smooth appearance.

When the disc is dry, it is necessary to draw a face, spots and wings using coal. Well, then just need to paste tile adhesive, wipe gray grout and be washed off. The eyes of the insect can be made of marbls — marbles. In order for the product to have suffered less moisture, Ladybird should be covered with liquid syler.


Indispensable for garden decor and without the most beloved and available material to create creative things — plastic bottles. They can make many beautiful crafts, including unusual flower pots in the form of cute piglets, which will be free to walk around your garden and vegetable garden. To make these pigs are very easy to create them you will not need a lot of time and will help you in this our master class.
So, the idea to do a master class on making flower pots in the form of piglets from plastic bottles.
Required materials and tools:

— plastic bottle with a volume of 5 liters

— plastic bottle with a volume of 1-1,5 litres

— alcohol marker black or red

— gouache paints and brush

— line

— a sharp knife or scissors
Originally produce the main part of our flower pot and to do this with an alcohol marker on one side of the bottle, with a capacity of 5 liters, draw a rectangle, approximately x cm and cut it with sharp scissors or a knife.
Then, on the bottle of 1.5 litres draw marker two of the same size and shape of the ear of a pig and a small spiral tail. All parts are cut with scissors or a knife.
Next, a little higher from the lid five-liter capacity will make two cuts and paste them made ears, and near the bottom of the insert curled tail. Now shape our bottle began to resemble a pig.
To our pig was bright and cheerful, razukrasim it, like any other beautiful crafts from plastic bottles, gouache paint pink color, will draw the eyes, mouth and nose in a screw cap bottle.

THE DECORATION OF GARDEN  (6) It remains only to fill our unusual flower pot with earth and planted it suitable plants.


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