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Salad «Edelweiss»

Salad «Edelweiss» Be sure to save and try it!) Ingredients: Tomatoes 2 pc cucumber 1 piece Canned corn 1 can boiled chicken meat 150g green onion to taste 1 large bell pepper pieces crackers taste (homemade) garlic to taste salt and freshly ground pepper to taste sunflower oil or olive   Preparation: Vegetables cut is […]

Salad «First Snow»

Salad «First Snow» 200g, boiled chicken, 3 boiled eggs, 80 c. cheese 40 gr.gretskih nuts seedless grapes, mayonnaise, salt to taste.   Chicken, eggs, cut into strips, cheese grate, chop the nuts. Each ingredient alone (leave a little cheese to decorate) to mix with mayonnaise and a little salt, if desired. Put the layers: -a […]


5 INTERESTING SALADS 1. Salad with shrimps, avocado and homemade mayonnaise Shrimp cooked peeled 200 g Avocado — 2 pieces Cucumbers — 2 pieces Cooked carrots — 2 pieces Green peas canned — Bank 1 Chicken eggs — 2 pieces Onion — 1 head Orange — 1 piece Homemade mayonnaise 200 g Mayonnaise can be […]

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