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Cloves of paper napkins

Cloves of paper napkins Pick up a napkin some good gentle colors: white, pink, blue, yellow. You also need scissors, wire, felt-tip pen and a tin lid from a can or something similar. First you need to draw a circle is not a napkin desired value. To do this, and we need a lid. Next, […]

Spring crafts for kids

Spring crafts for kids

Flowers — Peonies Mother’s Day

Flowers — Peonies Mother’s Day To work you will need:  Dart  Floral tape brown  Corrugated paper magenta and green colors,  Glue,  Scissors. 1. Wrap the dart floral ribbon and secure it with the tips of both sides of the wire. 2. Cut a strip of crimson length of about 6 cm. Cut out as shown […]

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