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Ideas Christmas wreaths

Ideas Christmas wreaths Prepare materials: • thick cardboard; • corrugated paper; • burlap; • jute; • bumps; • white paint (acrylic, gouache); • multicolored felt (ready labels of felt); • Decorative satin ribbons; • PVA glue; • glue gun; • scissors; • stapler. Procedure for the manufacture of burlap Christmas wreaths: 1. From cardboard to […]

IDEAS Christmas angels

IDEAS Christmas angels

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations 1. How to make a three-dimensional snowflake. To make bulk snowflake out of paper, you will need: paper A4 or A5, scissors, glue and a New Year mood. 1. A4 sheet folded in half and cut, or just take 2 A5 sheet.   Each sheet is folded along the diagonal (see. Photo below), […]

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