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Craft Flowers Mother’s Day

Craft Flowers Mother’s Day You will need: corrugated paper, teip tape, glue gun, wooden skewers or stiff wire, scissors, paper for printing patterns, pliers. 1. Print out the templates parts tulip, translated into corrugated paper and cut. To produce a single flower with You should have 6 lilac petals resembling ovals, circle, middle, 1 yellow, […]

Tulips of corrugated paper

Tulips of corrugated paper You will need: corrugated paper, candies, teip tape, Scotch, wire, pliers. 1. Take the pink gofrobumagu and we shall cut strips 20×2 cm. 2. Torsion each strip in the middle of one turn, fold in half. 3. Use adhesive tape to fasten the wire candy. 4. teip-tape attach the petals to […]

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