Snowflakes foam

Snowflakes foam

For work, we need:

  • two bags of balls of different sizes from foam (you can buy in the store for needlework);
  • a piece of foam of any size (if you can not find the balls);
  • some old clothes hangers;
  • wire cutters;
  • gun with hot glue;
  • dimensional round spoon;
  • Spray with liquid paint;
  • needle;
  • tape or thread.

Start with the fact that the old take the unnecessary hanger and pliers straighten it — you’ll have a flat sturdy wire.
Step 2

The resulting wire was divided into pieces with a pair of pliers. For a single snowflake, we need to be one wire length of 10-12 cm and four wires, each of 5-6 cm.

Step 3

Take a piece of foam. Using a small scoop «Scoop» round ball of foam, as shown in the figure.
Step 4

In order to obtain the desired form of balls, deep scoop spoon material, and then remove it in a circular motion.

Here’s a ball you should have. As you can see, while its shape is far from ideal, but it is not strashno.Vozmite ball in his hand and gently roll it in your hands as if you did need a little frikadelki.Nam 6 balls of the same size and 6 balls a little bit more. To do this you need to use two measuring spoons of different sizes.
If you are unable to buy a ready-made large beads, they can also be done independently. For example, for this you can take a scoop of ice cream. Getting our assembly snowflakes!

Step 5

To start, take the biggest piece of wire length of 10-12 cm. Place the balls on it in the order shown in the figure. Please note that in the middle is the largest ball of foam — it is the center of our crafts. To balls held on a wire, they must be glued to it with the liquid adhesive.
Step 6

Now, take the pieces of wire length of 5-6 cm. At each interval using the adhesive must be placed three parts — two small and one large bowl in the middle.

Step 7

When shorter pieces are ready, they will simply need to plug the sharp tips of the central ball of snowflakes, as shown in the figure. Keep rays snowflakes were equidistant from each other.
Step 8

When the work is ready, it’s time to paint it! We used a spray with silver sequins. If you do not like the paint can be covered by a snowflake, for example, a colorless dye or colorless nail polish, and top — lots of sparkles.
Step 9

We would like to dry and flake paint does not crumble, so did «cradle» for the job. A piece of foam remaining fastened vertically several needles, and they put a snowflake. Leave the work to dry for several hours.
Snowflakes foam 1 Snowflakes foam

Gently prick with a needle from one extreme balls and pull the ribbon or string for which you can hang the snowflake.

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