Scourge trees framed

Scourge trees framed

I like to weave: beads, cords, threads. I found in the bins some frames without glass and the back wall, and they wanted to find a useful application, and along poplesti.

You will need:
wooden frame;
Linen (jute, paper) twine or knitting yarn;
PVA glue.

From the twine cut 15-20 strands (the number depends on the width of the frame). The length of each thread should be the height of the frame 4.
1. All strands fold in half and hang the «padlock» on the top bar of the frame (several threads can be hung from the top of the side bars). Now, some strands can be worn wooden beads that mimic fruit or leaves.
2. Of all the threads up to half the height of the frame braid pigtails — small branches of our tree. This thread is better to take no row, and missing of 3-4, how would randomly plaiting.
3. All pigtails divided into three parts (again, not in a row, and releases 1-2) and braid from every part of the spit — thick tree branches.
4. Of the three parts of the strands weave a braid — tree trunk and temporarily tie beams to all the bars, lining the track tension thread.
5. Then, when all the beams are fixed, consistently tie each bundle as follows: divide the threads in half, one part of the miss of the frame, and the other — under the frame. Paired thread tie two knots on the wrong side and knot fasten with white glue. At the lower ends of the yarn bundle to trim the length of 3-5 cm, simulating the roots, and at the lateral ends of the extra cut.

From the twine cut an even number of strands, the length of which is folded to 10 cm more than the height of the frame. For example, for the frame size is 15×21 thread length: 2×25 cm + 10 cm = 60 cm. It also requires another thread that must be three times longer than the preceding ones.

1. All strands fold in half and hang the «padlock» on the top bar of the frame. Hang the longest string in the center, on the sides — short (several threads can be hung from the top of the side bars).
2. All short thread up in a bundle and tie its segment twine.
3. This dressing down to the lower rung, pulling all the strings, threads, and tie beam to the ground.
4. All the threads gather together slightly below the center of the frame and tie their long central thread.
5. The same thread follow the trunk, wrapping tight coils of the beam and secure the barrel several times criss-cross to perekladite.
6. It remains to draw the crown. To do this, between the branches staggered various woven ribbons (available knitting yarn, fabric strips, cords), fantasizing to their size, coloring and texture. Now you can decorate your tree in its sole discretion (with beads, flowers).
So the scope of useful and fun of creativity got! These paintings can be improvised and home to decorate the walls, and in the country they will look perfect. And if every student in the school nafantaziruet your tree, it will all fairy forest!

Scourge trees framed 1 Scourge trees framed Scourge trees framed 3 Scourge trees framed 2

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