Plastic bottle craft ideas

Plastic bottle craft ideas

We will need:

  • Bottle is plastic.
  • Any fabric.
  •  A thin tape or you can use a lace.
  •  Eyelets.
  •  Candle.
  •  Needle.
  •  A small rubber band.
  1. We light the candle. On the bottle with the cut off top we put on an elastic band. Now we warm up the needle. By the level of the band you need to pierce the holes every 2-4 millimeters. Band is needed to ensure that the holes are made exactly.
  2. To determine the length of the fabric, we measure the bottle.
  3. From one side to 1 cm on the other hand to 0.5 cm first, and then to 3 cm.
  4. It is necessary to stitch the side seam accurately, retreating from the edge which has tucked 1 cm.
  5. When everything is sewn, that’s what happened. 
  6. Put the cloth on the bottle, face down inside. And so that the edge was lower from the holes.
  7. To turn away the edge and sew it to the bottle.
  8. From the inside we sew.
  9. Now we lift the fabric upwards, it is no longer removed as we sewn it on the bottle. Necessarily it is necessary to pass a lace and on a lace in the form of accessories to clip limiter.
  10. Here’s a plastic bottle handbag ready. It turned out to be very original, but practical.
  11. Such handbags can be done a lot, from any bottle and any fabric.

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