For the trunk of the palm of plastic bottles you will need to stock up 10-15 plastic bottles. Capacity — half to two liters. Depending on the height of the palm trees undertakes different capacity bottles. When the height of the palm of 15 plastic bottles it is necessary to use two-liter capacity. At a height of 10 bottles — used polutoralitrovom bottle. You must take the brown plastic bottles in order from them to make the trunk of the palm.

For the crowns of palms will need a green plastic bottle. The bigger the bottle, the longer the leaves, and it will look more natural.

To a plastic palm tree was reliable and durable, for its Foundation is necessary to pick up or durable and thick willow switch, or a thick metal rod.

The tools required to manufacture their hands palms from plastic bottles:

awl or a drill to make holes in the bottle;
large pair of scissors, Il well-honed knife.

The sequence of steps for manufacturing a plastic palm trees:

to make the trunk of the palm, you must first cut the brown bottle at a height of 10-15 cm. This will fit the lower part of the bottle bottom. The upper part can also be used. It is also a good option, because in this case there will be no need to make holes;

when you have made the necessary plastic workpiece along their edges with scissors or a very sharp knife cut out the kinks. They have a little bend in order to give the bark of a palm tree made of plastic bottles natural and natural texture;

for the crown of the palm of plastic bottles are green bottle. They cut off the bottom. At the first harvest, you must leave the neck with cap. It is later in the Assembly process of the whole structure palms will serve as a good wizard. The necks of the rest of the blanks necessarily cut off;

to make the leaves of the blanks, they should be cut, but it does not extend to the edge of about 5 cm or more. Next, the sheets should be fixed, screwing the lid;

the next step is drilling the holes to connect all parts.

This hole serves as a connection needed to be done in the lid — fastening of the crown of the palm. Pay special attention to the fact that the size of the connecting hole is directly dependent on the diameter of the rod-grounds. Hot awl or drill will be your good assistant in this;

the final step is the collection of plastic palms of their hands. To securely Prut need to put all brown plastic workpiece from above to secure the crown, which was made from green plastic bottles.

Palma ready. Now think about where to place it in the corner of the garden, that she looked most impressive. But better make a few of these trees,set them side by side and put around them green.


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