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Easy backyard ideas

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Chocolate cookies with coconut cream

Chocolate cookies with coconut cream


For the dough:

● 250 g flour;
● ’25 cocoa;
● 100 grams of powdered sugar;
● 200g of butter;
● 2 egg yolks;
● 0.5 tsp disintegrant.

For the cream:

● 3 egg yolks;
● ’50 sugar;
● ’20 flour;
● 200 g of hot milk;
● ’40 coconut.

For decoration:

● Chips of coconut;
● chocolate cream;
● chocolate decorations.

Chocolate cookies with coconut cream 1


I read in the comments to this recipe, that some have had problems with rolling out the dough. The dough stuck, badly rolled out. And wrote that sweet not to receive or not solidified. I’ve done a little bit differently to avoid these problems.

First, prepare the cream. The best night to night it cooled down.
Egg yolks and sugar I put in a saucepan.
Stir whisk.
He added coconut. Mix well.
Add the flour.
Mix well.
Add hot milk.
Mix well.

I put it on a medium heat and cooked until thick, stirring constantly. Leave overnight to cool down on the table and still has thickened.
In the morning the cream thickens well, did not spread. Very tasty!
Cooking cookies:
Drain. butter at room temperature and put the icing sugar in a bowl.
Beat well with a mixer.
Add the egg yolks.
Once again, the mixer mix.
Add cocoa.
To cocoa not shattered in the kitchen, I was his first stirring blades of the mixer.
And then whip until uniform.
Add the baking powder and flour. Not all, first half …
Spoon the mix.
Then pours the rest of the flour and stir by hand already.
Knead the dough on a table until smooth, roll sausage (I have a diameter of 4.5 cm.).
Wrap in plastic wrap or bag and place in the freezer for half an hour or until solidification.
Then with a sharp knife cut into slices.
Put slices on the laid paper baking sheet at a distance from each other, since baking it increases slightly.
Bake in well-heated to 180 * C oven for 10 minutes. Note the time because not seen in the liver, it is baked.
Give the liver to cool.
Cookies turned out very soft and delicious!
The cooled biscuits spread with cream. Spread the cream over the surface rovnenko.
Cover with second cookie, pressing slightly to cream at the edges got a little bit. Then run your finger, removing the excess cream and smooth cream stripes.
It turns out about 20 such double cookies.
Cream for decoration:
You can cover the chocolate fondant, as suggested by the author, or any chocolate icing, and can be decorated with cream. Either what you want.

I took the easiest chocolate butter cream.

● 200 g plums. oil;
● bar of chocolate;
● powdered sugar (to taste);
● vanillin.
Whipped butter with powdered sugar and vanilla, add melted chocolate and turned a cream.
Cream shifted in a pastry bag and squeeze on the cookie. Little and a thin layer
Sprinkle with coconut. You can even decorate with chocolate decorations
It turned out so delicious that is beyond words! And sooo chocolate!
The next day, the liver becomes soft (from cream), and it seems to me that even tastier!

Chocolate cookies with coconut cream

Enjoy your tea!

Gift for Valentine’s Day

Gift for Valentine’s Day

You will need:
felt red or pink color. But you can use the felt and other colors: yellow, turquoise, blue, white.
delicate lace hanging heart.

Gift for Valentine's Day 1

1. First, make a heart pattern — this will help to cut the heart out of the fabric smoothly and gently. The pattern is simple — draw a heart on cardboard the size and shape that you are satisfied. Cut out cardboard heart. Once, putting a cardboard template to the fabric, cut out the two halves of the heart.
2. You also need to carve out a pocket. It is generally easy. We look at the photos — that’s a triangle size of a little more than half of the heart.
3. Prepare to tone lace heart tissue.

4. Place one part of the heart to the other, then put them on top of the triangle. Cleave, all three of the pin.
5. Take a sewing needle and sew the three parts on the edge obmetochnym seam stitches trying to do very carefully. If the blanket stitch for you — a closely guarded secret, sew another stitch of the heart, but, still, it is very trying.

Gift for Valentine's Day

6. Insert the cord for hanging between the layers of fabric, sew it.
When will sew a little, fill heart gasket — synthetic padding, holofayberom, hair, etc.

7. sew up the hole.
8. The knot should not be visible. If possible, help him hide the reverse end of the game.

9. Writing a tiny note — greetings, wishes, declaration of love ..

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