Winter crafts for children. New ideas for crafts for Christmas

Winter crafts for children.

New ideas for crafts for Christmas

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Christmas House from paper

Christmas House from paper

I propose to make a paper house with a surprise.

Christmas House from paper 1

1. In a dense white paper draw a layout of a house the size indicated on the photo. The bottom can make out of cardboard — then the house will be more stable.

2. From the thick colored paper Cut out the window. I — from ready chipborda. Now Kraft engrave door.

3. Use the brown acrylic paint Dye box. Let dry completely. Then apply a ball craquelure, and finally make light touches of white acrylic paint. Krakelyurny varnish applied between two layers of contrasting colors, forms fine cracks and creates a chaotic effect of old windows.

Under Window Stick monochromatic or colorful picture — it will be curtains.

4. Walls of the New Year’s house obkleyte scrap paper, leaving 3-4 mm on each side.

5. To lodge looked covered with snow on the roof and the door apply a white acrylic paint.

6. Think of the door handle (Knuckle large rhinestones and tiny decorative stone) and glue it to the cardboard packaging.

7. I forgot! After all, a house has to be closed, open, like box. Therefore, the workpiece Con-packing house «wings» (and it is better to Doris their house circuit) together with Velcro. Just glue and Velcro on the roof. It is better to choose a bright and long stickies.

8. Gluing house, and, of course, do not forget about the bottom. To the roof of a tight-fitting, you can hang on it’s such a nice snegovichka, make a loop and buttons of — in general, all that tells a fantasy.

Christmas House from paper

I hope you enjoy my fairy house, and you definitely do the same (and even better) to your friends. New Year’s inspiration and magical holidays!

Ideas Christmas Angels

Ideas Christmas Angels

Ideas Christmas Angels 1 Ideas Christmas Angels 2 Ideas Christmas Angels 3 Ideas Christmas Angels 4 Ideas Christmas Angels 5 Ideas Christmas Angels 6 Ideas Christmas Angels 7 Ideas Christmas Angels 8 Ideas Christmas Angels 9 Ideas Christmas Angels



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