Offer to make you a coral branch, which will perfectly fit into any interior and decorate the overall atmosphere of the room

CORAL BRANCH HANDMADE (5) For this we will need:

  • Figure
    Crushed peas
    PVA glue
    A can of red paint
    Willow branch


CORAL BRANCH HANDMADE (7) Pour glue into a small container

CORAL BRANCH HANDMADE (8) Liberally lubricate your branch glue

CORAL BRANCH HANDMADE (1) All greased branch sprinkle rice. Peas glued to the branch in a smaller number of

CORAL BRANCH HANDMADE (2) Wait until the glue dries

CORAL BRANCH HANDMADE (3) Once your branch is dry, liberally paint it red

CORAL BRANCH HANDMADE (4) It now remains to find decorative coral branches vase and define them in the most suitable place in the apartment.





required materials:

«The aroma of coffee beans is not only pleasant to the vast majority of people, but is also neutralizes odors. That’s why the original tree is a great decor item and can be a great gift for the holiday. However, depending on the imagination of the Creator, you can come up with lots of different options.»

To work you will need:
plastic ball;
large coffee beans;
paint-spray or brown thread;
wire or wooden stick for the trunk;
materials for decoration;
a small pot.
The number of pieces depends on the size of topiary.


The process

In the ball to make the holes for the trunk and paint it brown paint (or wrapped threads). Then begin to stick coffee beans. Better to do it from the top. Glue grain in two rows — smooth surface, groove or rib. It’s best to use hot glue. The next stage is the production of the trunk. If you want to use the wire, it is pre-wrapped with twine. You can also take natural materials — for example, a curved branch of a tree.

In conclusion, it remains to secure the tree in the pot (this will help gypsum or alabaster) and decorate it. Such articles are in great demand.



This entry will be dedicated to the creation of interesting paintings for children’s rooms (the author — E. Izosimova). We all know how expensive can be wooden, timber frames, so use your imagination and skills to replace the wooden frame on a more budget-friendly material — foam molding. The picture in the nursery (1)

For the manufacture of picture we need:

The picture in the nursery (2) material Freedecor from the collection «Painting on canvas»,
frame with a stretched cloth
acrylic paint,
primer acrylic,
the foam molding.

1. Cut out a picture. As a big image, it is printed on two sheets of A4.
2. The frame was stretched linen. For the «canvas» you can ispolzovat any fabric (cotton, silk, jeans, etc)

The picture in the nursery (3) 3. Composable-joined the picture on the canvas.
4. Buildings canvas, as the porous fabric «printed» using the primer holes.

The picture in the nursery (4) 5. Submersible picture in water (room temperature).

The picture in the nursery (7) 6. Move the picture on primed canvas. Centrum and joined until it is movable.
Leave for 1 hour to dry.

The picture in the nursery (8)

7. Start molding. He was cut angles for a baguette. Cover liberally it with acrylic paint.

The picture in the nursery (9)

8. Then with a dry cloth wipe the terrain paint. Create a fading frame. The picture in the nursery (10) 9. The bonding frame. Finger put on the relief wax gold. Thus the simulated gilding.

The picture in the nursery (11)

Imitation wooden gilded moldings.

The picture in the nursery (5) The picture in the nursery (6) You can hang in the nursery!

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