If you are the owner of a country house, then You need to agitate the question of How to decorate the yard in the winter, especially on the eve of new year and Christmas holidays.


And decorating we offer colourful balls of ice that you can do with your hands for a few minutes, and then enjoy the beautiful view from the window of your home.
LEDANE BALLS (2) For manufacturing these unusual ornaments you will need the following materials: water, any dye (food coloring or conventional paint and balloons. As you have noticed, for making such beautiful jewelry requires very little materials.

So, let’s start…

In a separate container (this may be the usual three-liter glass jar or bucket) you dilute the water with anyone you like dye. Depending on how much you add in the water of dye, and will depend on the color saturation future balls of ice. LEDANE BALLS (3) LEDANE BALLS (4) Now, color the water is ready! Now use the help of their relatives or children and using a watering can or tube fill color water balloons. If you plan to make colored balls of ice enormous size, then it is better to fill balloons on the spot, as filled to capacity, the balloon will be difficult to move from place to place.

LEDANE BALLS (5) Tightly tie a balloon filled with colored water, and leave it on the street (of course, in the cold) until frozen.
LEDANE BALLS (6) When colored water balloons will freeze you with scissors to release the colored balls of ice from a rubber shell.
LEDANE BALLS (7) LEDANE BALLS (8) Such a bright unusual balls of ice you can decorate track, Playground, railings and steps.

CRAFTS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES for garden and vegetable garden


for garden and vegetable garden

Plastic firmly entrenched in our lives. Plastic containers are easy, convenient and safe (does not shatter like glass).

But at the same time plastic accumulates the cottager so that the head itself suddenly begins to seek the use of plastic stocks.

What can you make out of plastic bottles: boxes for seedlings, to Name a plastic bottle drawer, of course wrong, but the bottle with cut neck could replace containers for seedlings.

avtopoilki of bottles,

CRAFTS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES for garden and vegetable garden (7) Those who cannot keep track of vegetables in the greenhouse and in time to water the plants, will help avtopoilki from plastic bottles. In this case, the bottle cut the bottom, twist the tube and upside down stuck in the ground next to the plant. Poured in a bottle of water is slowly absorbed and the plant does not die of thirst while you’re near. the sinks of 5L bottles

CRAFTS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES for garden and vegetable garden (8) 5 liter bottle, you can make an interesting hand basin. This requires a fence or wall, a couple of screws and a bottle with cut bottom. The bottle upside down screwed into the surface and pour water. If slightly Unscrew the stopper, the water will flow into your hands. feeders for birds CRAFTS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES for garden and vegetable garden (9)

In the winter of plastic bottles you can make feeders for birds. It can be as autonomously, and feeders that need all the time to pour crumbs. garden decorations, palm trees, various flowers, turntables;
A thousand different crafts ornaments for the garden can be made from plastic bottles. For example, for a vane or vane may need only one bottle, and a huge plastic palm trees you have to collect a whole battery of bottles of different shades. small flower vases from bottles,
CRAFTS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES for garden and vegetable garden (11) From plastic bottles, you can do a small vase for flowers. They can be executed in the form of animals or things: mumps, trains, seals, etc. garden broom,
CRAFTS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES for garden and vegetable garden (1) A few bottles to cut down and cut along the length of the fringe, attached to the shank, replace a garden broom. protective covers for hinged locks,
Put one bottle can serve as a fence. Can be such a fence will not protect you from the prying eyes of the neighbors, but certainly they will be surprised. bordercity for flower beds
CRAFTS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES for garden and vegetable garden (3) The bottles can be partially buried in the ground side by side and you get the road kerb for flower beds. Alternate color plastic you can achieve an interesting result. buckets for picking berries,

Cutting off the neck of a bottle and puncture a few holes, you can make out from the remainder of the bucket for picking berries in the garden. sobocki for bulk materials, And Vice versa, by cutting along the curve of the bottom line, you will build from a plastic bottle shovel for bulk materials. For example, this scoop from a bottle suitable for granular fertilizers. shale,

CRAFTS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES for garden and vegetable garden (5)

Want waterproof shoes for the garden — make from plastic bottles shales. a mattress made from plastic bottles, Weeding always have been associated with contaminated knees — make several bottles Mat and wear this miracle with you. Now your knees are clean, and the plastic is easy to clean. the curtains.
CRAFTS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES for garden and vegetable garden (6) From the relief of the bottoms of the bottles, you can make an original curtains. If we paint them, then the neighbor will you be jealous. All of the above articles from tires and plastic bottles is only a small part of what can come to mind to a person with a good imagination, and from idea to its implementation in just one step. Create!




What you can make of tyres for the garden: garden decoration — swans, donkeys, crocodiles, bears, snails, dogs and turtles of the tire;


One or more tires to create such crafts are cut to the specified schema, and then bend and turn. If necessary complement plywood parts. The entire structure is painted and induct in a prominent place in the garden. containers for flowers in the form of vases on legs, animals, hanging baskets as parrots, pyramids, etc.; CRAFTS FROM TIRES FOR GARDEN (2)

Tyres can be kind of pots or hanging baskets. The bus for such crafts cut, turn, fill with soil and plant her flowers. the swing of specially cut tyres;


Although garden swing now a huge number for any age and weight, to make this childish fun of tires committed any «avtopapa«. capacity of the tire to collect water, waste, compost;

Some gardeners and gardeners of the tire building compostite, wells for wastewater and other containers. Enough for such crafts to make tires pyramid and bind to the column were not scattered.children’s sandbox and mini-ponds;

From the bus it is easy to make a small pond or children’s sandbox. For the first homemade desired plastic film, and for a sandbox and nothing is set and poured sand. the steps of the tire;

Some cottagers beat the bumps and drops of relief on their sites, arranging tyres steps. Filled with soil and placed in the horizontal plane of the tyre is quite similar to the steps. Parking for bicycles; CRAFTS FROM TIRES FOR GARDEN (7)
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