Let’s say you are allergic to flowers. Or your cat eats everything that grows in pots. Or you pathologically forget to water the plants, but green in the house want. What to do? The answer is simple — draw. PLANT WALL PAINTING (1)

stencil (large, height 150 cm)
aerosol adhesive stencils
acrylic paint

PLANT WALL PAINTING (2) 1-This size stencils (of a man’s height or more) are generally made up of several parts. Determine where to draw the design on the wall, mark the control points on which you will focus, pasting the stencil. Place the stencil front side on the sheet of paper and spray on the surface of a special spray glue.


PLANT WALL PAINTING (3) 2 — Stick the stencil on the wall, focusing on the control label. Smooth it out and how to push your palms against the wall. Check its fixed. Mixing acrylic paint, spray them with a sponge.



PLANT WALL PAINTING (4) 3 — Experienced wizard can cast shadows, adding more dark paint. Less experienced advised to apply first General homogeneous background, then perform the shadows, causing the paint of a different tone second and third layer. When you have finished working with the first part of the stencil, remove it and let the paint dry


PLANT WALL PAINTING (5) 4 — Align the pattern with the second part of the stencil (previously causing the glue on it), as indicated in the accompanying instructions. Continue to fill the figure, causing the paint with a sponge. When finished, do not forget to wash the stencil — and it can be used more than once.


PLANT WALL PAINTING (6) 5 — Your plant wall painting is ready!




By the way:
The paint work should be thick, not to flow under the stencil to work on vertical surfaces is difficult.
Peel the stencil from the traces of aerosol glue using purified gas (e.g., lighter). Acrylic paint is best to wash immediately after using the stencil until it has dried.
Shop stencils you can order a stencil of any size and type. Stencilling is very convenient, especially when there is a need to make a large surface. The image applied by stencil, can be used as a basis, which is then easy to add items made with brush. Try to create your own unique design wall.




The long winter is over, and the soul asks for something bright spring and joyful. Not yet blossomed trees and the first flowers, indulge you some other ways.

Idea No. 1

You should not send in the garbage ordinary glass jar or bottle. Now designers are actively using them in the decor of the home. And if the bottle is an unusual shape hand painted or filled with sand, decorate with bright ribbons to create an original and unique decoration for your home.

This bottle will become a decoration by itself or serve as a beautiful vase for the first spring flowers, and at the same time lift your spirits!

Idea No. 2

This type of home decoration in spring is very popular in Europe and America. There caught the tradition of decorating wreaths front door — and not only at Christmas, by the way!

Spring wreath are, for example, a typical Easter motifs, artificial or fresh flowers, twigs with buds. This ornament can be hung on the wall, on the door or just put on a shelf. And it is possible to present as a gift to friends.

Idea No. 3

If you are fond of embroidery, this kind of jewelry to your liking. Embroider a small figure or inscription in small hoops (these are sold in abundance in the shops for Handicrafts). Without removing the work from the hoops and hang it on the wall.

Using two or three round blanks on the wall can create the whole spring composition. And then, not necessarily to be a great professional in the embroidery to make this decoration.

Idea No. 4

None of the interior is not without textiles. And we know that it is through the apartment can be transformed beyond recognition. Take the most simple — the pillowcases. Sew a few new bright for your sofa or chair, using natural and colored fabric with spring prints.

Idea No. 5

If all this seems too simple, or you want a more thorough spring change, try to change the appearance of your furniture. Paint in a bright color to the boring table, change the cover for a chair or sofa, update handles and the facade on the old chest of drawers.


Mint and turquoise. Interior details turquoise

Mint and turquoise.

Interior details turquoise

Mint and turquoise.  (27)

One of the trends of not only the past, but this year is a turquoise color in the Interior. As turquoise comes in different colors, and interior parts you can choose from gentle mint shade and ending with a dark, rich Navy blue. And to make it easier to choose the turquoise furnishings in your home, we’ve gathered a selection of works from the current thematic exhibitions with customers Fair Masters. This home textiles, interesting things for the kitchen, decor, artificial flowers, stands for jewelry and other things of that shade. If you like turquoise, let these photos serve you ideas for inspiration:

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