GIFT FOR MOM (13) Well, you already figured out what to give his mother a couple of weeks? Those who are still undecided, today I propose to make a box, which can be used as gift for mom

GIFT FOR MOM (2) So, we will need these materials:

— two sheets of A4 design cardboard purple (or 1 sheet 30×30 cm)
— shrapova paper in the same colors
— decor: lace, ribbon, flowers — all in purple lilac shades
white and purple ink pads
ordinary transparent sachet for packaging greeting card. Instead, you can use tracing paper design
— will not interfere with liquid pearls, string of pearls, ustanovka with the greeting text.

To begin to make the basis for our boxes. To do this, we need to take a purple sheet of cardboard, cut a rectangle of size 22,5×18 and make the following markup: 1.5 cm, 7 cm, 7 cm, 7 cm, 7 cm on a horizontal line and 11 cm, 7 cm in the vertical. For clarity, I sketched this pattern: GIFT FOR MOM (16)

In one of the Central rectangles you cut oval:

GIFT FOR MOM (3) Now take a sheet of scrap paper and cut out four rectangle size 6,8×10,8. One oval cut, which must be a diameter of 5 millimeters larger than the one that we cut in the cardboard.

GIFT FOR MOM (4) Glue the rectangle to the base:

GIFT FOR MOM (6) On the reverse side glued a piece of film. To do this, use a normal bag for cards or, in extreme cases, stationery file. Yet the film can be replaced with beautiful design blueprints, such as here. The contour does not hurt to walk with liquid pearls: GIFT FOR MOM (7) Decorate the window. For this I used lace, paper flowers and pearl thread: GIFT FOR MOM (8) Our box is almost ready. Now we need to glue the bottom and Barouski. So it’s time to get down to the cap. To do this, cut a square of about 8×8 see the rim scalloped scissors or a hole punch and make a bend line at a distance of about 8 millimeters from the edge. In other words, the lines of bending you should now have a square of 7.2 SMH,2 cm + wavy edge lines after bending. GIFT FOR MOM (5) The edges make a small razresiti.Now fold the paper along the lines of, toneroom curves and edges with a white pad and apply liquid pearls. I did, unfortunately, not very neatly: GIFT FOR MOM (9) With the two sides on the sides make incisions and pull the tape:

GIFT FOR MOM (10) A separate cut out a small circle with wavy edges and make a tab with the greeting text: GIFT FOR MOM (11) Make cap: GIFT FOR MOM (12) This is the box ready we got:

GIFT FOR MOM (13) GIFT FOR MOM (14) GIFT FOR MOM (15) Alternatively, use this box in addition to the main gift, which, incidentally, can be put inside, if size permits. Besides, I already wrote about that, for loved ones is much more important than good sincere than expensive gifts. So that box was not empty, offer to do something like a package, to write warm wishes and put in a box.



To create frames cook: the basis of binding cardboard desired size — 2 pieces (for the frame and rear wall); Mat (if desired); white acrylic primer; acrylic (texture) pasta; acrylic paint (including spray); bandage, or lace; PVA glue; brushes, palette knife, spatula, sponge, scissors, hobby knife. The first thing cut from the binding of the cardboard base. In this case, the size of the external parties: 19*24 cm field width limits — 3 cm, internal window — 13*18 see STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (17) STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (13) For rear cut a rectangle 19*24 see optional — make of paper or cardstock Passepartout. Internal window — 9*14 see So you can insert a photo 10*15 and she will be gently hold Passepartout, not dropping out of the frame. The result is three components: the back wall, the internal frame — mount and front frame itself. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (9) Begin decor photo frames with their hands. Buildings using white acrylic primer (recco). This can be done with a brush, but if you have special tools, you can use a small spatula or palette knife. Leave until completely dry. For rapid drying of the soil layer put the frame in the oven, with the door hold open. After 5 minutes, you can continue to work! STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (11)

For further decoration use lace or plain bandage. Gently spread it in several places.

STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (18) Using palette knife covered in a thin layer of soil. Again dries. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (3) Cut with scissors edge of the bandage, the edges cleaned up with sandpaper. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (8) For the next activity you will need a stencil (cut from plastic or ready mask (the author is a Prima mask). STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (20) Overlay stencil and acrylic cover (textured) pasta. Carefully remove the stencil. Pozdravliaem edge.

STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (7) STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (21) Empty space can also cover texture paste, for example, creating the effect of plaster. Leave until completely dry (as before drying in the oven). STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (12) Move on to coloring. In this embodiment, the entire surface is painted over cream color. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (5) Oh, and then decorate in your favorite colors. For example, you can first «wet» sponge dipped in turquoise paint and then sprinkle light brown spray. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (22) Now the frame is now this kind are practically Antiques. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (14) Optionally, you can create a light effect pripadnost. For this small amount of white paint put on the sponge, and gently touch this sponge frames. Well, the last bar of gold embossing newspaper stamp. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (6) STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (2) The process of decorating is finished. Go to the Assembly frame. The back base decorated with sprays and die with handwritten text, although then it will be closed photography. Internal frame — mount slightly antique white acrylic paint. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (10) By the way, don’t forget to do the leg to the frame. From cardboard to cut out a rectangle about the size of 4*10 cm and sticking to it holder with ribbon. The ribbon will not allow the leg to fold until the end. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (4) STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (1) Glued all the layers frames: external and internal (Mat) around the perimeter. Then on three sides glued the internal frame to the base (the fourth, the upper left side is not sealed, it will insert the picture). STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (19) STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (16) Three layers glued together. If there is an uneven edge, you can trim it with sandpaper. And wears the bare edge of the white ground. Frame is ready! Knowing how to make a frame with your hands, you can experiment with colors, suited to a particular painting or photography. STAINED GLASS FRAME HANDMADE (17)




If you have a lot of favorite photos, but you just do not want for each to buy a separate photo frame, then this project you will enjoy.

Just one large photo frame that will fit multiple photos (the size of the frame depends on the number and size of photos)

You will need:

— large picture frame (wood or plastic; size choose yourself)

* In this example, the frame size sm.

small nails (can substitute clerical buttons)

* You can choose a set of stationery colorful buttons.

— hammer

— jute (or any rope, to which will be attached pictures)

— measuring tape

— clothespins

* You can look for sets of small multi-colored decorative buckles, or to use the normal, as in this master class.

PHOTO FRAME (2) 1. This example was measured to the place for the 5 series of small photographs, like those that make using Instagram. You measure the desired distance between the photos, and both vertical and horizontal.

2. Then you are all measured, nail a nail in the right places limits on the right and left (or insert a pushpin) and pull the rope. PHOTO FRAME (3) 3. Collect your favorite photos and attach them to the rope clothespins. PHOTO FRAME (4) Photo frame is ready!

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