How often do you get free magazines or flyers in their mailboxes? I — Yes. Even if you get not often you still going unwanted magazines or Newspapers. This senseless waste of paper and ink can be unsatisfactory impact to the ecological situation of our planet. Let’s at least a little bit, but will help her. Just a few steps — and You have the perfect wall decor, and practically free.

HOW TO DECORATE A WALL (2) Take these unwanted magazines or Newspapers and cut into strips of a width of 0.5 cm, and the length of the strips depends on the length of your frame. Glue these strips to the paper, with a small distance from each other.

HOW TO DECORATE A WALL (3) Of paper or paperboard cut You any favourite figure, we have flower-abstraction HOW TO DECORATE A WALL (4) Now picture put on newspaper strips, glue. We used double sided tape to give the picture depth. HOW TO DECORATE A WALL (1) By the way, if You are not such a bright interior, use black and white printing, it is also perfectly fit into the interior




A simple wooden frame can transform ordinary everyday things in an original work of art. A collection of bizarre ideas in the framework of today will be another simple but elegant idea.

3 FRAMES (2) This white trio items looks interesting in itself, and now see what kind of «in action»! 3 FRAMES (3) Materials:

wood frame
plywood sheet
super glue
the Central thing song
optional — paint, varnish, glitter

The progress of the works is very simple: a sheet of plywood insert in the frame and glue some object. Then the whole composition can be painted in any color, varnish, paint, add sequins, beads, mosaic and any other decoration of your choice.

3 FRAMES (4) In the case of the vase in the photo above — there are two options: to find a ready-made vase — «soul mate», with the flat side, or any other vase neatly cut in half by a glass cutter (tile). In the first case framed in a vase, you can safely pour the water and put the flowers in the second case, water may leak if the edges are stuck bad. In this case, the vase can be turned into planters, putting inside another container with plants. 3 FRAMES (1) As shelves for photos and books will be convenient to use ceiling moldings and cornices PVC or wood.

Let the result of your efforts adorns the walls of the house and bring joy to friends and family!



Greetings to You, dear visitors. Today I present another, but very beautiful work — colors of thread. If You will succeed — it will be a wonderful gift for mom, teacher or grandmother. And I know that everything will work out, because this work is not complicated. Most importantly, know and remember that gift for mom, teacher or grandmother have to do with their hands, it was a gift for the loved ones of the people You love most in the world. Imagine, when mom or grandma know that You made it yourself. Joy and admiration will be more than enough. In this, such gift, like flowers with their hands from the thread, do it with great desire, diligence and love. Let it be special.

Now I will tell how spodarek for moms to do with their hands flowers from threads with their hands. All that You need to do is woolen yarn selected color, floral wire, hot glue and scissors. Not necessary to choose only one color of thread. You can find several colors such as: yellow and red, or orange and blue.You can make a colorful bouquet.

FLOWERS - GIFT FOR MOM (1) Begin to make flowers out of yarn.

Wind the thread selected color around two or three fingers . The number of fingers depends on the desired size of the flower.
Continue to wrap the thread around your fingers about 100 times. The more time you wrapped your fingers in your thread, the more magnificent to get flowers from threads. Usually two fingers wrapped 100 times. Then three fingers must wrap a little more time.

FLOWERS - GIFT FOR MOM (3) When you are finished winding, cut the thread. Then cut a new small piece of thread. Slide with fingers wound thread, but carefully, so that nothing fell apart. Now this mares thread and place the top of a cut piece of thread . Tightly wrap it with a piece of yarn through the center of the wound uterus thread once or twice and tightly tie a double knot . FLOWERS - GIFT FOR MOM (4) Trim the excess pieces of thread, which he connected the wound females thread. What happened, is like a figure of eight, two of range, located on the sides. Hold a hand over the one side, and cut with scissors in the center circle with the other hand . Repeat this process with the other side with the second circle. You get the ball, though not entirely clear. But we this is the hour, correct.

Start to cut the ends of the thread around the bead. Do this evenly, up until You are not satisfied with the size and type of ball. Fan and fan him. FLOWERS - GIFT FOR MOM (2) Follow the same steps in the manufacture of the following balls. Make about 9 or more things. As soon as he made the desired number of balls, fix and glue them to the green floral wire hot glue (hot-melted gun). Assemble the finished flowers from threads in a bunch and place in a bowl. You can still attach to the wire, which is attached flowers, leaves. In General, give vent to their fantasies. And I’ll close. Our flowers from threads ready. Thank you for your attention.
Start to cut the ends of the thread around the bead. Do this evenly, up until You are not satisfied with the size and type of ball. Fan and fan him.

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