Mat at the front door

Mat at the front door

To make the wooden mat will need no more than 3 hours. If you help the little master, keep an eye on his work. He would have to cut, skin and nail. But the result is a necessary thing, which will last for many years and will be the pride of the whole family.

Mat at the front door Materials:

  •  Acrylic lacquer;
  • Wooden beams (200 x 25 x 40 mm) 2;
  • Coloured acrylic paint ;
  • Nails.


  •  sandpaper ;
  • hammer ;
  • jigsaw;
  •  brush.
  1. To make the pad size 31 x 46 cm, it will take 11 short bars 18 cm long and 4 . 31 cm required for the blank pad make using the jigsaw of timber. Do not forget: it is necessary to observe safety precautions when working with power tools.
  2. Sand the surface of each bar sandpaper. Then paint the them in bright colors with acrylic paints. Dry the workpiece. After drying cover each bar matte acrylic varnish.
  3. Put long bars equidistant from each other and place on top of the short bars in a staggered manner, as in the photo.
  4. Connect short blouses with long nails. Again, cover the entire wooden mat acrylic varnish.
  5. When the paint is dry, it will be possible to use a narrow door with a rug.

Mat at the front door 1

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