Ideas Christmas wreaths

Ideas Christmas wreaths

Prepare materials:
• thick cardboard;
• corrugated paper;
• burlap;
• jute;
• bumps;
• white paint (acrylic, gouache);
• multicolored felt (ready labels of felt);
• Decorative satin ribbons;
• PVA glue;
• glue gun;
• scissors;
• stapler.

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Procedure for the manufacture of burlap Christmas wreaths:

1. From cardboard to prepare the foundation — ring width of 8-10 cm.
2. Jute fasten securely around the ring, forming a loop for future suspension.
3. Wrong side of the base paste over gofrobumagoy.
4. burlap cut into small squares. Each roll in a petal, first fold the square in half, then tuck the edges inward to fix a stapler, thread or glue (as convenient).
5. Starting from the outer edge, petals attached along the perimeter of the ring. Use a gun with hot glue.
6. Repeat two more of the same series. Attach staggered: so that no previous aesthetic side lobe was hidden as follows.
7. From the jute rope braid plait, which decorate the outer edge of the wreath. Tied bows. They stick in the center.
8. Natural bumps «snow cover»: paint the tips painted white.
9. Decorate a wreath with cones and figurines made of felt. Use hot glue for this.
10. Of jute rope manufacture brushes. From the satin ribbons to tie a double bow. This is the last step in the decoration of a Christmas wreath.

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