The subject will do, not just the original. He can lay claim to being one of the most cost-effective projects for your garden. Today will make a new sculpture for the garden with my hands, and it is mysterious and unique statues from Easter island! Of course, the size of our work will be substantially less than their real prototypes, but the power of a stunning effect in any way will not decrease.

Statues can be not just a decoration for your garden, but also a functional component stand for potted plants or bowl of rain water. It all depends on your imagination! In the article we will talk about how «pile» article, lacking education sculptor, and surprise their crafts around. Perhaps, let’s get started!

Preparation of necessary materials.

First take a round bucket, container plants, wire, pliers, foam sponge and garden shovel. Later we will need a sprayer for spraying water-based paints) and cement mortar.

Required materials

cement (or ready mortar)
a bucket with a volume of 5 liters (the handle should break, it will not be useful)
small wire mesh
thin reinforcing wire — plastic container for plants round shape with a hole in the bottom to release excess moisture; the size of the container should be free to enter into a bucket.
latex paint dark grey / asphalt color
expanded polystyrene (in the form of a rectangular bar)

1. To begin with, take the wire and completely chocolate-coat her bucket.

GARDEN FIGURES (2) For structural strength, it is desirable to wrap it in 2 layers — one on top of another. Measured grid cut by the pliers. The edges of the mesh can be easily attached to each other — simply twist the cut ends. If in doubt — can tightly wrap design on top of the wire. Protruding from the top edge of the wire mesh should be bent inside and pin. If you simply crop — they will scratch and clinging to the plant. What exactly is undesirable, because we will install inside the container.

2. Now it is time expanded polystyrene.

GARDEN FIGURES (1) From it we will do the nose and lips of our statues. Using a hacksaw with a fine tooth cut 2 parts, nose and eyes (eyebrows). Cm. the photo on the right. Carved details wrap mesh and firmly attached to the structure using a thin reinforcing wire.

If you make the nose (or eyebrows) of a few small fragments of polystyrene, the gap between them can be filled with foam. Only in this case you’ll have to wait one day to the next stage (until the foam is completely dry).

3. Wrap a future sculpture on top of the at least two layers of fine wire mesh.

Make sure that the polystyrene firmly fasten to the design and absolutely motionless.

4. Now proceed to the cement mortar on the frame of the statue.

If you make it too thick or too runny, it will either crack or harden ugly stains.


Mixing cement in standard proportions of 1 part cement, 3 parts — sifted sand, 0.5 part of water. First mix the sand and cement. Then begin to gradually diluted with water. The principle of mixing something that resembles a dough. To check the consistency after you with a sharp object on the surface of the solution. If tread water you poured a lot of water, add more dry mortar/cement. If the mixture etamitse, as a piece, dilute with more water.
The prepared solution can be used for 1-3 hours. Do not forget to stir.

Once the cement mortar is ready — take a little garden shovel or trowel and begin to gently apply it on the frame, being careful to completely cover the mesh. Note that the wire does not protrude from under a layer of cement!

Longer just have to Tinker with the nose and eye brows. If you get to the most inconvenient places at once does not work — do not worry. Wait 2-3 days. When the solution is completely dry, you can put our giant back and calmly to reach the most inaccessible corners.


After the coating is completed, and the solution will dry up, the statues can be manifested construction joints. But not upset. This cosmetic defect we carefully modify using the construction of the knife. And after painting the seams will become almost invisible.

GARDEN FIGURES (3) 6. After completion of all finishing works will start painting. Paint dark gray or asphalt color we put on the product in three layers. Each layer apply only after drying of the previous (approximately one hour).



And that’s all! Our Keeper of the garden ready! It remains only to put them inside the container with high plant and enjoy the presence of another unusual friend on your site.

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