Garden crafts

Garden crafts

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Family of plastic bottles and foam!


Make your unique homestead plot may interesting idea. With so decorate your site, how beautiful garden figures — frog from plastic bottles and foam …

For the manufacture of frogs we need: two cans, hose, plastic pipe, foam, PVA glue, medical bandage, scissors, stationery knife, awl, screws, screwdriver.

Putting the frame to sit frog.

Zapenivaem frame with foam. Cropped excess foam. We attach the outline shape of a frog. Height 70 cm garden figures.

Medical bandage wrapped. We cover the adhesive mortar (tile adhesive and glue PVA). Left to dry for about a day.

We give the image brightness and naturalness with the help of bright colors and our Kwak ready.

Putting the framework for the frog, in the supine position.

Building up the mass with the help of foam.

We attach form lyagushki.Dalee are working to anologii the first frog.

And now you can get a tan! )

Putting beauties frogs standing.

The body consists of a 5-liter plastic bottle, head-liter plastic bottles, hands and feet of the composition pipe. Through the eyes of frogs serve as the plastic covers from 5 liter bottle. Fasten them with screws to the head.

Zapenivaem. We attach the form of a frog, cut off the excess.

We cover the adhesive solution. Handle putty.

Then primer.

Paint. And our yoke ready to take a place in the sun!

Garden crafts 1

Luxury hack papier-mache to give or at home!

What a fantasy of people working and pens! It’s just awesome crafts and ideas, and from what? Papier — mache!

In the second photo the future of cat paws; — the third head. In the fourth photo in the head and ears are added it is connected to the body. Dry layers of newspaper strips better in the shade.

The fifth photo hack smeared with putty. Limbs also daubed with putty and dry. Since this was my first experience in papier-mâché, the idea with the filler was not very correct, because it dries and cracks that will be seen on the cat stomach. For this purpose, better to use a special homemade paste papier-mache, which provides high-quality hard surface, within which soaked toilet paper, filler, PVA, flour and flaxseed oil.

The sixth photo whole figure is now collected and tans (additional newspaper were pasted tape). The seventh photo start tile adhesive coat. As a result, the light is converted to black cat :). However, as the drying of the surface will lighten. Then you need to cover the primer, and then gray.

Our cat is almost ready … I left to paint, attach a mustache and lashes, and put him to rest 🙂

Garden crafts

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