Flowers — Peonies Mother’s Day

Flowers — Peonies Mother’s Day

Flowers - Peonies Mother's Day

To work you will need:

  •  Dart
  •  Floral tape brown
  •  Corrugated paper magenta and green colors,
  •  Glue,
  •  Scissors.

Flowers - Peonies Mother's Day 1

1. Wrap the dart floral ribbon and secure it with the tips of both sides of the wire.

2. Cut a strip of crimson length of about 6 cm. Cut out as shown in the figure. It will seredinka flower.

3. Wrap crimson paper upper part of the wire. During crimson petals works are fixed with an adhesive.

4. Сorrugated paper pink petals engrave large oval with tapered tip at one end.

5. Alternately stick to the middle of the flower petals in a circle, forming a peony.

6. Wrap the stem of peony thin strip of green crepe paper.

7. From Paper Cut out green leaves peony. Something like this form.

8. Glue a few leaves just below the flower, and the other — in the middle of the stem.

Flowers - Peonies Mother's Day 2

Make some of the pions and put them in a vase.

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