Fireplace Christmas card

Fireplace Christmas card

For the production of such fire, we need construction paper for drawing, and a good bit of quick drying.
1. First cut out blanks for our fireplace. All fireplace consists of different-sized boxes that we have to stick together. ATTENTION! Girls, do not draw a blank with a pencil, draw a right creasing or otherwise not sharp cutting object (to make it easier to bend), then to twice a line not to hold!
Features and cut out the bottom of the stand. We should get a box with sides: length 15 cm, shirina4 cm, height 2 cm.
2. The second part — the top holder — box with the sides: length 13 cm, width — 3 cm, height — 2 cm.
3. Now the side racks — we need two workpiece dimensions: length 7cm, width and height — 2 cm.
4. Now the most difficult part of the upper — trapeze … We’ll have some work to do here is a drawing …
Here, the main difficulty in the side parts, as they have an irregular shape. Figure those parts that circled in red pen — face.
5. Now cut out the lining of the — they I symbolize granite slab … Take 1-1.5 mm thick and cut out three-piece dimensions of 15.5 cm * 4.2 cm and three blank 13.5cm * 3.5cm .
6. Merge them together in piles and put under the press.
7. As long as we stick together, our \ «granite slab \» cut-and-peck boxes.
8. The upper trapezoid in carved state should represent the following:
9. glued together so it.
10. Then we obtain our \ «granite slab \» and align the edge of the cloth, so that they are equal.
11. Glue \ «granite slab \», respectively, to the upper and lower bases. This should be holding our billet to the table, because Fireplace will be glued to the card.
12. Then the bottom based glue uprights, departing at 2 cm. From the edge.
13. Put again, our billet on the table and glue the rest.
Well, if done correctly, our billet for fireplace must lie perfectly flat and stand on the table.
14. Now you can start the exterior. It can be done, and marble, and for painting, and a brick … You can use paper with embossed lettering to make type tiles … How long will your imagination! You can run a search for images on the internet a real fireplace and pick something out. In my case, all the decorations on the convex racks are made of the same and 1 mm thick.
15. For the production of the most cards as a basis, we also use the paper for drawing. Later we papered her skrapbumagoy — for rigidity. To our card coincided exactly in form with a fireplace we put fire on the paper and draw out his pencil.
16. We need to make two mirror blanks. Mirror because if suddenly fireplace will not work perfectly symmetrical part of our cards would not get out of it. Once you have decorated fireplace, stuck in his fire, pasted paper blank for a card you stick one of the cards to the fireplace, and the second part to the first in those places that are shaded in red in the picture.

Fireplace Christmas card Fireplace Christmas card 1

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