FASTING pie with currants

FASTING pie with currants



1.5 cups flour
2 tbsp. spoons of sugar
5 Art. tablespoons vegetable oil
6 tablespoons. tablespoons ice water
1 packet of vanilla sugar
Soda pinch
A pinch of salt


1 cup frozen black currants
2-3 tbsp. spoons of sugar
1 tbsp. Spoon flour


FASTING pie with currants


Berries razmorozit.V bowl sift cup flour, add salt, sugar, vanilla sugar, water, vegetable oil, stir, add the remaining flour sifted with baking soda. Knead the dough elastic, wrap in foil, put into the refrigerator for 1 chas.V berries add the flour and sugar and mix. Include oven at 180 degrees, the shape vegetable grease maslom.Testo divided into two parts, one larger one less.
Roll out the larger piece, put in shape to make bumpers.
Top distribute stuffing. Roll out the smaller piece of dough, cover with the cake on top, gently pinch the edges, brush the cake with a brush with vegetable oil, sprinkle with sugar, in the middle make a small hole for the steam. Bake the cake 30-35 minutes, it is poorly browns, so do not overdo it in the oven, check only the willingness of the dough itself pierced with a toothpick if it is dry — cake is ready.
Cool the cake in the form of a little, and then pass on to a dish.

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