Easter eggs in the technique of decoupage.

Easter eggs

in the technique of decoupage.

Easter eggs in the technique of decoupage (1)

For such decoration of eggs you will need:

— Directly eggs already boiled. I cook eggs for a long time — 1-2 hours, the resulting «cake». They last longer and are much tastier, in my opinion. In any case, 15 minutes cook worth it.

— Wipes. Pick the ones which you like the picture. Of course, Christmas or autumn theme will be here out of place. Napkins can be rented as single-layer and three-layer. In the latter case, it is necessary to separate the layers and use only the top.

Easter eggs

— Scissors. Better to take a manicure or pedicure that it was convenient to cut smaller items.

— Egg protein. He must be without admixture of yolk. If so separated failed and got a piece of the yolk, it is better to use another.

Protein is necessary for us as a glue. I am against all sorts of chemicals, including dyeing eggs food dyes. The manufacturer, of course, assures us that they are safe, but actually we don’t know what it consists of. About it tell all the doctors, including nutritionists.

Brush for applying protein and bonding elements.

— Toothpicks. On them we will dry our eggs.

Well, that’s all! You can begin decorating.

Stage I. Procurement

First, carefully cut out, following the lines, suitable for decoupage patterns of napkins.

Better to think of the song in advance (can be applied to the testicles cut) that did not work, what you are missing blanks or that does not fit one or another element.

Note that the larger cut out your pattern, the more difficult it will be to stick exactly, because eggs have a complex shape. Easter eggs 2

The phase II. Preparation of the adhesive and its application

Protein is a little beat (I’m even a little overdone, too many bubbles come out).

Lubricated all the egg with a brush in protein.


1. Eggs after lubrication protein become slippery. Be careful, they are easy to break!

2. Watch the surface of the egg. Any thread here will be visible and will eventually stick.

Stage III. Drawing and binding

On a greased protein egg blend carved item, help him stick a finger brush, covering him up again in protein.

Glued thus one element, moving on to another, also levelling it and clipping the top of the new layer of «glue».


Doing the following elements, try not to touch the already glued them very easily shift or wrinkle.

When all items are done, carefully walk again tassel around the egg.

Easter eggs 3 Then gently put it on two toothpicks. Preferably so that they are minimally concerned pattern.Allow the egg to dry, and then cover the entire protein to freeze. And again send it to toothpicks until completely dry. The same repeat with the other eggs.

I hope that this topic will be interesting and useful. Decorate the testicles in this way and treat their friends and acquaintances, because all the Easter week holiday!

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