For decoupage can be used as boiled eggs and wooden blanks or empty shells. Just be aware that on boiled eggs instead of glue is best to use egg white and, of course, is not to paint their colors.

If you will decorate boiled egg, then this item may be omitted. If you want to paint the wood, then it should first be painted with acrylic paint in white. In the case of an empty shell, it should be washed and well dried.
Are now defined with a pattern that will be applied. Of course, it is difficult to find on the napkin it is Easter theme for decoupage, but different colors are good too. Usually paper napkins with colorful drawings of three-layer, we needed to work with only the first layer. It is very subtle, so separating him carefully, so as not to damage the image.
Separating the upper layer, prepared to work the pattern. It should be divided into several parts, it is desirable to make them smaller. Because of the rounded shape of the eggs when gluing picture, be sure to folds, but if small will not be noticeable, large folds can significantly spoil the decoration of Easter eggs. And of course, cut the picture carefully, because the more you do, the more beautiful it will look on the egg.
Next, wet the brush with white glue (if an egg then you want to use food, then glue replaceable egg protein or starch paste) and put a figure to the egg, put the glue on top. To impregnate the cloth with glue, it’s good that it was easier to level, by the way, do the same brush. If very large folds, they can be smooth or nail carefully cut with nail scissors.
When the picture is fully marked on the egg, it should be left to dry. An empty shell you can prick on a stick, and boiled eggs or wooden workpieces placed on a stand (glass, bottle caps from plastic bottles). If you leave the decoupage on the night, by morning it will completely dry out. Do not try to accelerate the drying process, drying with adhesive, for example, a Hairdryer. You risk to spoil the picture, the paper in some places it can go, and if it boiled egg, it also very soon rot, and for a long time to enjoy this beauty will not work.

DECOUPAGE EASTER EGGS (2) 6. If you decorate boiled eggs, then after drying, they can be placed in a beautiful Easter baskets to give to friends and acquaintances, and so on, If for decoupage used an empty egg shells or wooden workpieces, on them you can still work a little. For example, to give the brightness of the picture by using acrylic paints or to highlight the picture in any circuit. That is, continue to paint the egg colors, taking on the attached figure as a basis, somewhere in the shadows to add, somewhere, on the contrary, the reflections are a real work of art. To all this beauty kept longer, after drying paints, cover eggs with acrylic transparent varnish with a soft brush. A lot of Polish on the brush do not need to take in order not to blur the picture and not to spend extra time for drying. Lacquered eggs leave to dry. After you decorate with ribbons and rhinestones, which can be fixed with glue. If you want decorative egg, made from empty shells, hang, then you need to take the holder for Christmas toys and secure it in the hole through which deleted the contents of the egg. Later in the holder threading with a beautiful ribbon and you’re done. You can also skip through the egg thread to secure it from the bottom (outside) bead, larger hole size.

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