Decor planters

Decor planters

Take with you a bottle, vase, pot, box — all that will be decorated, have in this case a POT FOR FLOWERS. Dilute PVA glue 1v1, how to decoupage, take the toilet paper and torn pieces, in the process, you will understand what size it needs to be. I glued the pieces somewhere 10×8, in the process of gluing wood stick forming folds who likes what. Seal the entire surface and allow to dry well. Can a Hairdryer.

Once all is dry. Take the CEREAL. There were options about the beads, but I think that it is expensive. I always try to make low-cost thing.

Look closely, croup is between the folds of which we have formed.

Sticking to conventional PVA and give a VERY dry well.

Next, we have the dirty work, take the color scheme, the background which you might naturally have a different color. I always get it black, rarely brown. This is the usual acrylic, it fits well and does not smear then. I paint ordinary brush, tried a sponge, but a brush is easier to paint folds and rump. P And again to dry!

Well, finally we make beauty! Take a small piece of sponge and acrylic bronze or gold, even tried silver color. A small amount on the sponge and how would we wipe our beauty…

You will feel yourself how many times this must be done, acrylic dries quickly, also it is the most pleasant procedure. Covered twice with acrylic paint and allow time to dry… In the end, our pot is ready, enjoy the beauty!

Decor planters Decor planters2


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