Customize your own wallpaper

Customize your own wallpaper

Take 40 sheets of paper, I have drafts.
I sliced, but whole.
All — in bucket and pour water 1.25 l
Leave this mixture for an hour I left, can be more).
All grind attachment and a drill.
Add Koller, 2 caps (and not green)
Add 40 spoons, baby food, gypsum.
The higher grade of gypsum, the faster seize Wallpaper.
PVA glue. 2 must of 100 ml.
All mix — and gets a lot of, like putty.
The spatula is better to use an iron, I have 20 cm, then just for an example. Apply.
Dries a day. It is possible, incidentally, to add sparkles to the beauty

This is already on your discretion!


customize your own wallpaper

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