Cottage cheese casserole with fruit

Cottage cheese casserole with fruit

Cottage cheese casserole with fruit3


Cottage cheese — 500 g
Sour cream — 5 tbsp
Semolina — 2 tbsp
Eggs — 2 pcs.
Fruits for decoration
A little bit of apple juice
Gelatin — use the recommendations in the pack
Also, oil for lubrication of the cup and optional salt
Additionally I made casting of gelatin and pear juice. And I took a couple of kiwi and mandarin.

Cottage cheese casserole with fruit 2


1. Munk mixed with three tablespoons of sour cream and left them half an hour to swell.
2. Half an hour later with the help of an immersion blender mixed packing of sour cream mixture, cheese and eggs. You can add, if desired, a little salt and sugar in a cottage.
3. Turn multivarku at 140 degrees for 55 minutes. Typically, cheese casseroles are advised to bake at 180-200 degrees, but the new bowl made of cast iron, so it is enough of 130-140 degrees, so that it is completely propekla cottage cheese with eggs.
4. Bowl I greased and laid it in the curd mixture. On the surface of the mixture distributed the remaining two tablespoons of sour cream.
And I turn on the «Start».
5. Now it’s decoration: I cut up fruit and put them figured in the casserole. And then flooded the small amount of pear juice with dissolved gelatin.
6. And this royal casserole goes in the refrigerator overnight.

Cottage cheese casserole with fruit 1

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