COFFEE VALENTINES (1) COFFEE VALENTINES (12) In the process we will need:

COFFEE VALENTINES (18) COFFEE VALENTINES (11)  White calico (or any other natural fabric)
Yarn needle (sewing machine :))
Polyester wadding for padding
Napkin with a suitable figure
Accessories, braid or rope for decoration
PVA glue

You can start. 🙂

COFFEE VALENTINES (5) To start a transfer pattern on the fabric (I use carbon copy) twice , fold the resulting hearts and sostrochite (or sew by hand), leaving a hole for turning. Then make neat cuts almost reaching the lines it is necessary to lie to the gasket joints do not break the edge and not his neck. Vyvorachivaet and stuffed with padding. Sintepon I usually finely ditch, so that it is evenly distributed inside the toy. Stuff I sufficiently tightly that the seams were smooth and did not bashful.

COFFEE VALENTINES (8) Now carefully sew the hole.

Start preparing mixtures for coloring. COFFEE VALENTINES (16) My recipe for Valentines: 2 teaspoons instant coffee, a pinch of cinnamon, 2 teaspoons cocoa mix and pour the boiling water (or hot water) — 100 ml, and then, stirring constantly, even the hot mixture is added about 2 teaspoons of PVA glue. Stir to dissolve the glue. Sometimes the glue can swenoteca lumps, but if you long to interfere, then everything should be dissolved. COFFEE VALENTINES (3) You can paint 🙂

COFFEE VALENTINES (13) For painting I use a hard brush, paint the heart with two sides, making sure the seams too good procesales. Then sprinkle vanilla and RUB by hand. Now toy can be dried. Patience I have, so I always land toys in the oven, but can be in the sun or on the battery :)). To dry heart in the oven, I heated the oven to 130 degrees )stack on a baking two sheets of office paper and a toy — and send out to dry. Minutes 2-3 turn over a toy on the other side. Then again. The entire drying process takes about 5-10 minutes.
While the toy dries, you can prepare everything for decoupage. I’d like to say that the special decoupage varnish-paint I have, therefore, everything is simple. Perhaps experienced decopaint me laugh, but I’m only learning. :)) I will tell how I do. COFFEE VALENTINES (18) Take the usual three-layer cloth with a beautiful figure, PVA glue and brush . Then carefully separate the top color layer of the napkin and cut out the desired motive — in this case, I motive to cut, and cut along the contour, so the edges were uneven. COFFEE VALENTINES (9) Then glue the part surface will be located where the motive and carefully glued the cloth . Smooth the cloth with a brush and cover the entire picture with glue . This should be done very carefully, so that the cloth is not broken in the process. I pay special attention to the edges of the motif, coat them several times, so that the napkin as if joined with a cloth, then the borders of cloth are not visible. Then, until the cloth is not wet, the remnants of our coffee blends I tinted with the space around the flower and cover again the entire surface of the heart .
Here’s what happened: COFFEE VALENTINES (10) The same procedure is repeated and the back of the toy (to put it on the table because it can be damaged just glued motive): COFFEE VALENTINES (19) Sew a thread and hung heart to dry near the battery — drying for three hours. Now, when the toy is dry, you can decorate accessories, lace, lace. I used paper twine and old key that was found in Jelezko my dad. :)) COFFEE VALENTINES (17) Made from rope bow and loop. The ends I’m a little stonelove oil paint (Fig. 20) — I St. Petersburg artists oil paint «sonnet». Now, when the heart is dry, you can sew a key and a loop for hanging. And here’s a gift for your favorite ready: COFFEE VALENTINES (1) COFFEE VALENTINES (2) COFFEE VALENTINES (14) COFFEE VALENTINES (15)   COFFEE VALENTINES (4)

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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I love hearts and this will make such a nice gift for my family. Also love Klimt.💕💕💕

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