First, download the template with leaves in the shape of hearts. Razorwire and print on green paper.
Can print on white paper and color paper in green color, just let it air dry after painting.
Take three or four pieces of the same size and cut glue a small part of the surface near the dividing black stripes, until the leaf so that it is slightly bent, as in the picture:

CLOVER PAPER (4) Of paper the same color cut strip width in cm or more (depending on what size you decide to make clover) and bend it.
Until all parts of the clover together with glue or tape. CLOVER PAPER (3) This volume clover can decorate Notepad or even the door.

CLOVER PAPER (2) For this purpose, in the center of the clover will need to attach a piece of double-sided tape. CLOVER PAPER (1) And as you press on the middle of a clover that he attached and take the desired form. CLOVER PAPER (5) hearts


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