Christmas Tree — Lamp

Christmas Tree — Lamp

For its production need the following materials and tools:

The cone of thick cardboard;
White paint;
Sandpaper nulevka;
Drill with drill bits of various sizes;
Lamp or a small candle;
Sequins on request.

Christmas Tree - Lamp 1 In the finished cone drill holes electric drill. You can dream up and come up with are some pattern. So it will be even more interesting, and the rays of light penetrating through the small windows will be folded into intricate pattern;
Performing this operation, we have to be not the cleanest job. Along the edges of the holes were of roughness to fix them take an ordinary pencil and lightly push them inside. Then thoroughly powertrowel surface with sandpaper;
Polished cone can be painted. More exactly lie paint when it is applied in several layers. You can choose to fill our beauty sequins;
Now it’s time for a little magic! Put a candle in a Christmas tree, and best of all small lanterns and enjoy the game fun crafts. Christmas Tree - Lamp

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