Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

1. How to make a three-dimensional snowflake.

Christmas decoration 2

  1. To make bulk snowflake out of paper, you will need: paper A4 or A5, scissors, glue and a New Year mood.
    1. A4 sheet folded in half and cut, or just take 2 A5 sheet.
  2.   Each sheet is folded along the diagonal (see. Photo below), cutting off the excess, we get 2 squares.
  3.  To obtain a square, not turning, folding again in half diagonally.
  4.  Cut the petals.
  5.  Each petal is done by 2 incision, a little short of the crease.
  6.  Expand the workpiece.
  7.  The middle part is pasted to the middle.
  8.  Repeat with the remaining petals.
  9.  Do the same thing with the second workpiece.
  10.  It remains to glue the blank between a back-cross pattern and dimensional and two-sided snowflake ready.
  11.  To decorate the walls here can make a winter flower, first gluing the blank in the center of the cross at the cross, and then collecting the average of the petals to the center.

Christmas decoration 1

2. Christmas tree toy

For the manufacture of need: a cardboard box, rough rope (eg, hemp, I — jute twine), PVA glue, glue, scissors, stationery knife, acrylic paint (or can, for example, spray paint), a rough brush.

Christmas decoration 5

  1. Cut out cardboard blank. Make a loop of the rope, the rope sticking glue along the edge of cardboard. Go around the edge entire workpiece. This will hide the ugly edge and round it.
  2. Lubricate the tip of the glue, and wrap it firmly onto. You can only use the PVA, but it dries longer, so the loop can be displaced
  3. Further winding rope and glue to the bottom of the beam, and then go around the rope around the star,
  4. Again wrapped around the star.
  5. Thus the entire swathes of the workpiece
  6. Then we paint our billet.

Christmas decoration 4

Christmas decoration 3

3.Christmas stars of orange peel.

Christmas decoration 6

4. Snowflakes from FELT

Christmas decoration 8 Christmas decoration 7

5. Christmas garland with their hands

We need:  

  1. Cones
  2. Dried oranges
  3. Rope
  4. Hot glue
  5. Felt, thread, needles, sintepon
  6. Another natural decor

Christmas decoration 9

1) Cut off several long pieces of rope, tying knot on the tip. Nodules are glued to the pine cones and other decor.

2) made of felt cutouts — hearts, stars, etc., in 2 copies. Sew a seam figures over the edge and fill with synthetic padding. Glue to the rope. You’re only nice to hang composition

6. Christmas angel

Christmas decoration 11 Christmas decoration 10

7. Christmas wreath

Christmas decorations


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