Christmas cottages. Ideas and MK

Christmas cottages.

Ideas and MK

For such a decorative box we will need kraft paper (any other thick base paper)
The box consists of two parts: a bottom, a high box and a lid.
I have the size of the bottom part 15.8 * 15.8 * 5 cm and the cover 16 * 16 * 3 cm.
The very basis is the most common.
Angles at the box are cut off by an angle for the convenience of gluing.
When the base is cut out we proceed to the decor — houses.
We cut out the base: I have the largest house 10 * 6 * 3 cm, average 7,5 * 5 * 3 cm and small 6 * 4 * 2 cm and accordingly to them roofs of 14 cm, 10 cm and 8 cm.
From one side I leave 1 cm for gluing, and 5 cm above for gluing the roofs.
And then decorate!
For the cover, I left the sidewall without scrap paper and decorated it with a texture paste with sand through the stencil.

Total 8 parts for side and 2 parts for the bottom.
We cut out clothes for houses from scrap paper), the smallest one I decorated from the side with the stencil.
Inside with two sides of scrap paper, and with two decorated with textured paste
In one of the houses the lights are on, cut out the window and added some tracing paper)
Houses closer: chipboard, scraps of book pages, pompoms, cutting out tracing paper and foil and, of course, lace and burlap.

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