Chopped steak-Holstein

Chopped steak-Holstein

— Minced beef and pork — 400g
— Onion — 6 pcs.
— Green — 50 g
— Eggs — 5 pcs.
— Green onions — 50 g
— Butter
— Sol
— Pepper
— Paprika


Chopped steak-Holstein


1. Clear the onions, two onions cut into fairly small, the other has not yet touched.
2. ground beef put one egg and chopped onions, add salt and pepper and knead thoroughly.
3. Green shred and add to the meat.
4. Mince divide into 4 equal parts and form of each flat «hamburger.» Steaks should get the size of a palm.
5. Fry the steaks in butter on both sides until golden brown. We put aside and leave in a warm place so that they do not cool down.
6. The remaining onions cut into rings.
7. Fry it in a pan, which was roasting the meat for 2 minutes, stirring. He should remain slightly crunchy.
8. Put the steaks on a plate, put fried onions on top.
9. From the eggs do fried eggs, cut it into 4 pieces so that each had one egg yolk and spread it on top of the steak with onions. Sprinkle with green onions.

Bon Appetit!

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