Chicken cutlets in French.

Chicken cutlets in French

They are so delicious, tender and juicy, just melt in your mouth. And if you add the sour cream, then they will be very gentle, incredibly delicious and tasty! Cook them very easy, quick and very simple.

Chicken (chicken breast) — 1 kg. (4 things.)
Chicken egg — 3-4 pieces.
Sour cream — 3-4 Art. spoons
Flour -3-4 Art. spoons

Garlic — 3 cloves
Chives to taste
Salt, pepper, sunflower oil.


Chicken cutlets in French

Chicken wash and dry. Cut into small cubes (about 5 mm * 5 mm). Fillet with salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly. Add eggs and squeeze garlic. To the mixture, add sour cream, parsley, flour. All thoroughly to avoid lumps. Consistency test for chicken cutlets should get enough liquid as batter. In a heated pan pour a little vegetable oil and spreading the mixture a tablespoon and fry until golden brown on both sides (about 2 min.) Over medium heat. Chicken cutlets in French ready! Serve with your favorite side dish.

Bon Appetit!

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