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Butterfly from a plastic bottle

Butterfly from a plastic bottle

Tulips of corrugated paper

Tulips of corrugated paper You will need: corrugated paper, candies, teip tape, Scotch, wire, pliers. 1. Take the pink gofrobumagu and we shall cut strips 20×2 cm. 2. Torsion each strip in the middle of one turn, fold in half. 3. Use adhesive tape to fasten the wire candy. 4. teip-tape attach the petals to […]

CAKE «ruins of the princely»

CAKE «ruins of the princely» Ingredients : Nuts — 1 cup pitted prunes — 150 g Chocolate — 50-100 g For the meringue: Egg whites — 4 pcs. Sugar — 1 cup For the cream: Butter — 250 g Condensed milk — 8 tablespoons Preparation: Egg whites lightly beat with a mixer. Gradually add sugar […]

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