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Brooch in a leaf view

Brooch in a leaf view We need: Polymer clay (black, as well as copper). Copper wire. Polymer clay is liquid, gel. Powder of gold color. Glue the moment.  Round nose pliers and pliers.  Inks for coloring on alcohol. Stationery knife with a sharp end. The resin is epoxy, a small container and a stick. Clasp […]

Packing bag make yourself

Packing bag make yourself We will need: kraft paper; cardboard for the color of paper; twine; metal ruler; a pencil; glue gun; hole puncher; scissors; Super glue.

MK tree trunk creation

MK tree trunk creation We will need: Thick wire, Building gypsum, Little bowl An interesting shape of slightly larger size for the base foil, Paper towel (toilet paper), PVA glue, Nippers, pliers.

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