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Carbonara Ingredients: Spaghetti 100 g; Egg 2 PCs; Parmigiano Reggiano 20 g; Pecorino 20 g; Black pepper 2 g; Pancetta 40 g. Preparation: 1.Cooking time — 30 minutes 2.Pasta place them in boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. 3.Eggs lightly beat with grated Pecorino and Parmesan. 4.In a hot pan sauté Panchito, thinly sliced. […]

Pancakes with bacon and egg

Pancakes with bacon and egg Ingredients: Potatoes 3 PCs; Egg 3 PCs; Red onion 1 head; Flour 2 tbsp; Bacon 2 strips; Vegetable oil for frying; Thyme 2 sprigs; Salt to taste; Pepper to taste. Preparation: 1.Cooking time — 40 minutes The number — 2 servings 2.Potatoes grate and squeeze (it should not be wet). […]

Cake «Minute» without baking

Cake «Minute» without baking Ingredients: For cake: 3 tbsp. flour; 1 Bank of condensed milk; 1 egg; 1 tsp. of baking soda (to repay vinegar). For the cream: 750 g of milk; 200 g butter; 1.5 tbsp. sugar; 2 eggs; 3-4 tbsp flour 1 sachet of vanilla Preparation: Make the batter for the cake by […]

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