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Tortillas with cheese filling

Tortillas with cheese filling Cooked very quickly, very tasty! Ingredients: Water — 100 mL Tomato juice (no juice — no problem, you can use 200 ml of water and 1.5 tablespoons of good tomato paste) — 100 ml Vegetable oil (olive is possible) — 2 tbsp. l. Salt Flour — 200 g Cheese — 150 […]

Chicken cutlets in French.

Chicken cutlets in French They are so delicious, tender and juicy, just melt in your mouth. And if you add the sour cream, then they will be very gentle, incredibly delicious and tasty! Cook them very easy, quick and very simple. Ingredients: Chicken (chicken breast) — 1 kg. (4 things.) Chicken egg — 3-4 pieces. […]

Buns with cheese

 Buns with cheese Ingredients: 1 package dry yeast 1 cup warm water 2 cups flour, divided (take half a glass to brew, and the rest goes into the dough) .Not just add all the flour into the dough. Use part of it, then continue to add until the dough will look like in the photo. […]

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