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Potato sticks with cheese filling

Potato sticks with cheese filling Potato sticks are delicious as hot and cooled down to form. Ingredients: Cheese varieties 100g; 7 potatoes boiled; Breadcrumbs 100g; 3 tablespoons flour; Vegetable oil (for frying) 2 eggs; Salt to taste; Ground black pepper; A mixture of spices mangocurry, you can take and any other of your choice. Cooking […]

Cake with Peaches

Cake with Peaches Ingredients: 130g butter 125 g flour 100 g sugar 2 eggs 100 grams of honey 300 grams of canned peaches   Preparation: Butter should be cut into small cubes. Add oil to the flour and sugar (50g) and carefully rub the mixture with your fingers until you have a small baby. Whisk […]

Cake «Tiramisu»

Cake «Tiramisu» Ingredients: 6 pcs. chicken eggs 220-230 g of sugar 150 g flour 10 g vanilla sugar 10 g baking powder 500g mascarpone 350 ml + 100 ml for ganache dairy cream (30%) 80g caster sugar 180 g dark chocolate (for ganache) 10-20 g butter (for the ganache) taste liqueur (Amaretto)   Preparation: 1. […]

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