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Garden crafts

Garden crafts Family of plastic bottles and foam! Progress: Make your unique homestead plot may interesting idea. With so decorate your site, how beautiful garden figures — frog from plastic bottles and foam … For the manufacture of frogs we need: two cans, hose, plastic pipe, foam, PVA glue, medical bandage, scissors, stationery knife, awl, […]

Gift for Valentine’s Day

Gift for Valentine’s Day You will need: felt red or pink color. But you can use the felt and other colors: yellow, turquoise, blue, white. thread needle, scissors; delicate lace hanging heart. 1. First, make a heart pattern — this will help to cut the heart out of the fabric smoothly and gently. The pattern […]

Valentine’s day gift ideas — Master Class

Valentine’s day gift ideas — Master Class —  We need a billet of wood in the shape of a heart. It is better if the blank-heart has a hole for the strap, otherwise you’ll have to do it yourself. —  Three-layer a napkin for decoupage. Choosing suitable in the Valentine’s Day ornament. Well in this […]

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