Brooch in a leaf view

Brooch in a leaf view

We need:

  • Polymer clay (black, as well as copper).
  • Copper wire.
  • Polymer clay is liquid, gel.
  • Powder of gold color.
  • Glue the moment.
  •  Round nose pliers and pliers.
  •  Inks for coloring on alcohol.
  • Stationery knife with a sharp end.
  • The resin is epoxy, a small container and a stick.
  • Clasp for brooch.
  • A hammer that would beat the wire.
  •  Stacks are different.
  •  Ceramic tiles, you can take a glass.
  •  Brush for powder.
  •  Brush for texture or toothbrush.
  •  Nadfil.
  •  Several containers for mixing ink and gel.
  •  Roller for rolling clay.
  •  Cardboard.

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